LineMod - Diagnosis model of packaging and filling lines in the food industry

The efficiency of today´s bottling plants is between 40 to 70 per cent (example fig. 1).  In order to optimize the plants, downtime originating components should be identified automatically. For this reason the chair of Food Packaging Technology and the Chair of computer science IX of the Technische Universität München accomplished the research project LineMod from 2006 to 2008.

One result of LineMod was a structured database, that is based on the "Weihenstephan Standards", a standard for production data acquisition of bottling plants. Their ontology was extended for usage of the database  in all bottling and packaging plants in the food and brewery industries.

A second result was the development of model components, which stay not in context with the whole plant. It is possible with this components to model different plants by combining the components.

A consistency and a recursive  algorithm were realized for analyzing the production data. Both of them gained a diagnosis performance of about 90 per cent.


Stefan Flad